Saturday, February 05, 2011

terrible, procrastination

Ugh I feel terrible.
I mean, my laziness is terrible...realizing that I haven't posted anything on my photography blog since sometime in December, and even longer ago when it comes to my review blog Randomly Reading.


It is really terrible of me...posting nothing...

There are photos I could post, but I don't seem to have the will to go to the trouble of watermarking all of them...

I have reviews, but I never seem to remember at the beginning of the week, and I always tell myself that "I'll do it at the beginning of next week" and it goes on and on and on...without any posting.

And don't even get me started on the gazillion and one other things I really need to do...

One word really comes to mind.

One word to define...


Terribly nasty word, procrastination.

It by definition is "to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost." "to put off till another day or time; defer; delay."

I have this list of things I know and even want to do but...when the time comes to do them I just...well, don't.

Makes me rather frustrated...angry...mad at myself.

And here I sit, writing about it instead of going off and doing something I really probably should be doing and getting something productive done.

*screams into pillow*

Just not sure what to do about this procrastination monster...then again, if I did have a solution, I'd probably just procrastinate.


your hopelessly procrastinative {thats totally not a word}, lazy, tired blogger~

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Maximillian said...

I don't watermark my photos anymore (I used to, and the watermark was awful), partly because it takes more work, I have double the number of photos, etc. Watermarking as a theft prevention measure is just about useless, but it can be used to show that you took a photo (for exposure, basically).

If you want a watermark program that can batch watermark photos, you might want to check out this program (it's free).
I used to use it but don't anymore since I don't watermark my photos anymore and if I do in the future, I'm just going to watermark certain photos I upload online and only after I've either found a clever place to put it in th photo to make it look like part of the scene, or simply make it look good and not detract from the image.
Rambling ended.

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