Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Capturing Creation Photo Challenge Day 3

Well, its Day 3 of the Capturing Creation Photo Challenge over at Yours Truly, and so its time for more pictures!

This one I took just this summer. We leveled our yard and so it was kind of dirt and puddles for a while. We live in a building thats over 100 years old however (quite a history there) and so we found lots of interesting things in our yard when we were restoring it to its original level. 
Like bottles, lots of vintage bottles. 
I think my favorite thing I found though would be the coke bottle bottom I found. Its really cool because the glass is un-even (in thickness)  all the way around, the inside, the sides, the makes that whole "coke bottle glasses" thing make a bit more sense.

This one I took just a couple days ago. (I'll have more pictures up shortly!)

blessings to you all on this gloriously snowy Wednesday!

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