Tuesday, January 21, 2014

an inky catch up

I realized yesterday, that it had been two weeks since my last post. Time flew by, full of plans and procrastination, as per usual with me, and the next thing I knew regarding Concrete & Grace is that it had been a while since blogging.

So, here we are, at another Tuesday, time for a catch up.

Monday before last, I started my college classes. Something I've been mentioning for a while as an upcoming thing.
I'm taking classes include Intro to Film, Music Appreciation, and Excel 101; for those of you who may have been wondering.

Youth group started back up halfway through that week. For those of you who don't know, I fully transitioned from student in our youth group, to leader this year. I've honestly been enjoying it and I know it's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Out of all the things going on with life and adulting and everything I fully believe that it's something I should be doing. It's a bit out of my comfort zone to commit to doing something like that, not to mention be in a position where I am an adult, but I think I'm doing well.
One of the things I'm in charge of is funny videos every night, but they have to be super clean! Which is obviously very difficult, being restricted to no bikinis, no profanity (including what the hell, and oh my god) and no super violent stuff. So, if anybody has anything along those lines, that would be great because I've actually exhausted my playlist, and haven't had a lot of influx.

Thursday and Friday evenings of that week I spent with a couple different friends. Thursday marathoning the first two episodes of this current, though now ended, season of Sherlock. And Friday, immersing another friend into the Lord of the Rings fandom with the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. Soon to be joined by the rest of the trilogy, but of course.

The final episode of this season of Sherlock aired. To be honest I was still of reeling from it, for about a week. But from the standpoint of the fans, it ended happy. Now we're in the dread hiatus, which, well things get weird when fans wait. Good news is though, they're fast-tracking season four for a Christmas 2014 release.
Fingers crossed!

Lately I've been listening a lot to Agnes Obel's album, Aventine which I've posted some of before. I've rather gotten into the habit of having my iPod at about 1/2 or 1/4 volume under my pillow with it playing when I go to sleep at night.
Absolutely gorgeous album - haunting, beautiful - piano melodies and vocals by her. It's an altogether perfectly splendid album with many lovely songs to have on repeat.
I've also been listening once again to Hanson's newest album, from summer 2013, Anthem. It's title is perfectly indicative of what you'll find in the album, some straightforward, anthemic jams.

A couple weeks I was using my favorite pen - read here my only actual pen - when I noticed it's starting to jam weird and is nearing it's last legs. In addition, I'm almost out of the ink cartridges it takes and those are hard for me to get, and continually increasing in price. So I started doing my research, looking around, and decided it was time to change the game. I ordered my first ever fountain pen from Goulet Pens, along with a bottle of ink, and have to say am extremely happy. I ordered it on a Thursday, right before the weekend, and was fantastically happy to have it in my mailbox on Monday.
Not only are they one of the most affordable as far as writing retailers, (I really looked around.) but they're a family owned business with a small staff working out of Virginia, and if that wasn't enough, they have a multitude of resources and videos for people at every stage of fountain penning.

I've rather enjoyed doing all my homework, as well as journaling, and doodling, since I received my pen; a Pilot Metropolitan and J. Herbin √ąclat De Saphir ink. The pen is exactly what I wanted, a great starter at under $20, and the ink is positively gorgeous. I definitely had the T.A.R.D.I.S. in mind when I saw the color, and decided it was time to take a break from my many years of black ink, to try something that would stand out, while still remaining classic.
Highly suggest going to check out Goulet Pens, they are wonderful in all respects.

I've surprisingly been enjoying my intro to music class, I think I'm enjoying my film class, but I get anxious sometimes because of how much writing and work it kind of is. But I'm learning things, and definitely enjoying film and music more.

Hope you're all doing well, make sure to comment below to let me know what you're enjoying listening and watching to this week!

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