Monday, December 05, 2011

10 things that make life all the sweeter because they exist

  1. health - I've been sick off and on for the past couple weeks. being healthy is definitely something I take for granted.
  2. time - something that flies away. something that there never quite seems to be enough of.
  3. comedy - hahaha (what can I say?)
  4. shoes - there are people in other countries, people in our country that don't have shoes. I happen to have more than one pair.
  5. water - the water for my entire town went out yesterday. not having water to wash clothes or take a shower makes a person realize just how much we rely on it.
  6. warmth - our house has a wood furnace, and it's over a hundred years old so what it takes to be warm is something I know about.
  7. instagram - fun fun app that makes terrible ipod pictures look so much better
  8. writing - not much else for me to say. I think it's rather self explanatory for anyone else who writes
  9. my best friend  - Lauren. who is amazing. I love that girl to death, she's my sister. her 18th birthday was on Sunday so here's a birthday shout out to the most amazing girl ever!
  10. my mom - I know I don't listen much or do what she says. I know she does more than we ever give her credit for, so here's to you mom, love you!

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