Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oh Browser!

Hey everyone! I'm sure there are quite a few of you who are wondering just where I've been! Not to mention the question "how did camp go?!".

Unfortunately, no, thats not actually what this post is I mean.

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@The_Siriana) will know that camp (aka the #JesusPartyOfAwesome) will know that camp was EPICALLY AWESOME!!!

But that whole story is being saved for a later post.

Basically I've been back (home) since the 26th of July and yes, I know...haven't posted.
This is my apology post.
My not-the-recap-but-still-something post.

Yes...I'm realizing now how this is a strange work harder, but not smarter type of procrastinative laziness...

On a blogger-related note...I'm currently using Internet Explorer because I'm having browser issues.

You see, the browser that was usually my pal is Firefox.

But then, waaaay back earlier this school year Firefox failed me (*sob*) and I switched to Google Chrome.

You know how Google Chrome is "SO FAST". Well, as it turns out, its SO FAST because it basically HOGS the bandwith and sucks it away from everyone else. So really it was making it near impossible for anyone else in my family to actually be able to use the wifi.

So, Firefox and Google Chrome was out AND I didn't like Internet Explorer.

I turned to the only other one I knew.


Which, I fell in love with!

Until I got back from my camp and escapade and it as well as iTunes evidently didn't update right (ugh) and so I was back in the "what do I use now" phase.

So here I am, using Internet Explorer because its been updated, I like the look a lot more now...and well...its the only thing thats working for me *facecomputer*.

And I'm noticing that the font for my post titles is really squished and weird looking!


I think its kind of interesting how this has turned into a tech rant!

What browser do you guys use, and why? I'm interested to see what you guys think the pros and cons of certain browsers are...its the number one thing I have an issue with on my computer.

And I think that is where I'll leave you all this evening...with you all wondering about my sanity, how much of a tech geek I really am, and just when I plan on actually posting about camp.

toodles! :D

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