Sunday, July 17, 2011


How many of you have had experience with the synonymous-with-the-smart-phone "auto-correct"?

For those of you who aren't familiar with auto-correct its name pretty much says it all.

Like when you're in Microsoft Word and it automatically corrects " i " to " I ".

Yep, pretty much the same thing...

But the auto correct that's found on smart phones (and Apple products such as the iPad, and my iPod Touch) is the Energizer bunny on crack version of auto correct in comparison to auto correct in Microsoft Word.

For example if your fingers hit the key you don't want when trying to text "love" and you end up with "lovr" or even "locr" it'll correct it to "love".

Pretty cool eh?

Yes, it definitely has its pros...but it also happens to have some cons.

Such as legitimate words auto-correcting to things you definitely don't mean. 

At this point I'm pretty sure all of you are wondering where this is going, and why on earth I titled my post what I did.

The other day I was using my iPod touch to message my friend Lauren on facebook.

We were talking about how excited we were for camp being only a few days away. Camp is something we both look forward to for the whole entire year. Its just that awesome. 
In fact, we call it the "Jesus party of awesome". 'Cause that's what camp is about. Jesus. 

Anyways, we were talking, and here's what I meant to say: 

"I started having random noticeable bouts of excitement today"

Have any of you even been so excited about something that you'll just be doing some everyday thing and then suddenly remember said exciting-thing and just be crazy giggly happy? Yep, that's what I'm talking about.

But the thing is, auto-correct got me.
Instead of it reading "bouts of excitement" it said "butts of excitement". 

It was actually pretty funny...neither of us really noticed til later. I of course had to call her to laugh about it. Hilarious!

And of course, because that was oh...five days ago...CAMP STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!


So this is where I have to take my leave and bid you all farewell because I will be gone for a couple weeks...and so there shall be no blogging from me until I return.

Thank you my dear bloggy friends, I will post when I return!

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