Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time Sensitive (FREE) AWESOMENESS!

Hey bloggy peeps!

I know I owe you all a post or two on my escapades from my Fine Arts trip...but I had to dish out this post real quick 'cause its time-sensitive!

I don't know if any of you have read or are familiar with Wings by Aprilynne Pike but its currently on sale @ Amazon (.com)!

And get this...ITS FREE!!!

So...if you have a Kindle, or even just an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (the latter being what I have) even if you don't have a Kindle well, there's an app for that. ;-)

Wings turned out to be MUCH better than I was expecting, I must say.
Insanely original story line...yes faeries, but not like anyone has ever really portrayed them...

Now, I have to put my opinion on the matter out there...on the whole 'fairy' vs. 'faerie' issue. (YES there are WAY too many OTHER spellings...but these being the most common so them I will address.)
I do know people who are pretty "What the heck?! Just spell it one way and stick with it!" on the subject...but here's what I think.
'Fairy' makes me think of little girls, pink dresses, princesses, fairy godmothers and dress up. In other words: GIRLY
'Faerie', however, makes me think mystery, intrigue, mischievous, dark awesomeness...in other words: INTERESTING or perhaps gothic...but not girly.

Anyway...moving on....

I guess I should start at the beginning.

Laurel has just moved, from small town-home schooled girl, to slightly bigger town-public school girl.
Adjusting isn't easy for her.

Laurel has a zit.
Maybe puberty finally has caught up with her.
On her back.
Right between her shoulder blades.
But, it keeps getting bigger...and bigger...by the time its the size of a softball...she decides that if its not gone by the next morning, she'll tell her parents.
She, of course, is FREAKING OUT...thinking it must be some kind of tumor.

So, next morning, she wakes up...and its gone, but in its place is a large, flower.
We're talking petals, the whole shabang...OUT OF HER BACK...
She of course, flips out more.

Anyways...hoping all you people aren't either grossed or freaked out by now, but THAT is how the book starts...seriously, its NOT as gross or anything that I probably made it sound like.
My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5.
Not 'cause it wasn't good or anything, but compared to the amazingly awesome books I was reading around the same time (I read this last year), it was rather short.
But I still definitely suggest it!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks for letting me know about the book. I'll be heading over to Amazon now...my lovely Kindle can always use more books. ...and I much prefer "faerie" to "fairy" for the exact reasons you explained. =)

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