Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God's Got This

Wow...God provides...I mean beyond crazy imagining I-can-barely-believe-it provides.

You see, my church agreed to cover the cost for gas so I could make it to district fine arts festival and I've been doing work in exchange.

Well, as some of you might know I've been painting the basement walls of the church and have been keeping track of my hours because the church wanted to make sure that if I actually worked for more than what I would need for gas that I would get payed...

So, I was kind of stressing about that.
I mean, the amount I needed I didn't think that I would make...
But my family has been helping me with all of the work and I was surprised when today, my mom added up all the hours and at minimum wage, and...

I was shocked.

I couldn't believe it.

Exactly the amount we needed for gas to get there and back again.

My dad's words were "see, everything works out".

And he's so right.

God's got it.

He's takin' care of it.

And I totally was stressin' and freakin' out 'cause I didn't have a handle on things and well...that scares me when I'm not in control.

I guess it scares all of us...but I seem to be really good and worrying...

Somethings for me to work on, eh?

blessings to you all...more updates soon!

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Emily Shae said...

Thanks, Siriana! And yeah, I hope this sunshine stays. But, we've got storms all next week...bummer!


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