Friday, October 01, 2010

16 Random Things the spirit of blogging and it being my birthday and all, I've decided to post the ever classic '16 Random Things About Me' so here goes!

{1} My favorite color is PURPLE because it is AWESOME! (coming close is black though...)

{2} I'm not a pink girl...if and when I wear pink, it has to be with black...preferably LOTS of black...

{4} I think with a British accent...(weird but true...)

{5} I always eat my (my favorite candy!) M&M's evenly...evenly with either side of my mouth

{6} I make awesome chocolate chip what if its taken me 7 years to get a miraculously good turn out.

{7} I don't read as much as people think I do...I just read REALLY fast.

{8} I respect and enjoy all different kinds of music...but I can barely stand Country...or secular rap...

{9} JONES Soda is my favorite soda...and I LOVE the bubbles!!!

{10} IZZE's are the pinnacle of fruit juice drinks...and I LOVE them!!

{11} Writing isn't just a hobby...s'a way of life.

{12} I have been informed I don't make a very good nerd...I'm not huge on 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'...I took it as a compliment. XD

{13} I fall under 'Dork'...I LOVE 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy movies...and prolly know all the dialogue by heart.

{14} I don't wear fact...I don't really even own one...

{15} I kinda have a thing for knives...I almost always have a pocket knife with me.

{16} I am awesome! ;) Just to letcha know...


Emily Shae said...

We're so alike it's not even funny!!!
I loved learning about you!


Siriana said...

Lol :D
Thanks! Its nice to know people read!


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