Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn, A Tag, A Book and Life

Autumn truly is here!
       Its more than just a season where I live...its a difference in the air, in the sound the trees make in the wind, in the color of the land, in the temperature...the general feeling just changes with fall...

I took a long walk the other day and just took pictures...something I love doing...

It kind of seems just a bit like summer's last hurrah...the green is not gone yet...

I love these two's this really cool old hitching post (yes! one of those old things people would tie their horses to in the days before cars!).

       In other news...for more of my pictures make sure to go check out Forgotten Corner Photography...and yes! I really need to post more pictures! You're all lucky I got these new ones for this post...GIMP has been failing on me and for some reason won't except my pictures to edit 'cause their too I have to downsize them and forgo my usual watermark because I'm forced to use MS Paint!

       There is also a new book review up at Randomly Reading...the number one place to get reviews of books I've read.
       This week is Captivate by Carrie Jones.

And now for the fun of it...though I wasn't directly tagged...a tag from Elránia!

When can you remember laughing the hardest?
oh haha...umm...the most recent would have to be Wednesday night, the night of the youth rally and an EPIC car ride. Lots of fun!

What is one thing you're exited about for tomorrow?
Getting to see one of my best friends and hang out with some other kids my age that we do every Monday night. EPIC AWESOMENESS.

How many posters are in your bedroom?
Amazingly...only three actual posters...I have a few others that I have made though.

What is one place you'd rather be right now?
With one (or all!!!) of my best friends.

What can you smell right now?
Chilly autumn air coming in through my window. (No, its not even open if you're wondering...but I live in a 100 year old house and we haven't yet cold weather-proofed the windows yet so theres a bit of a draft.)

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Well I've answered the phone recently...but that doesn't really count...that last person I actually talked to on the phone is one of my best friends Nicole. I called her and we ended up talking for two hours! And I'm not normally a person who talks on the I inadvertently ended up owing my parents $10 for long distance! But it was SO worth it!

What is the corniest movie you've ever seen?
OHMYGOSH! That is SUCH a good question!!! Just the other night I watched the original Batman movie from the '60s with my parents...SO CORNY! Everything had "bat" put in front of it...I'm not kidding either! It was SO funny; they're in the 'bat copter' (helicopter) and Batman says to Robin "lower the bat ladder" and on the bottom of the ladder was a sign that said "BAT LADDER"
haha NOT KIDDING AT ALL it was hilarious!

If you could choose one food to live off the rest of your life, never mind nutrition, what would it be?
That's such a hard question because after forever I think I would get tired of eating the same thing! lolz

Where are you going next?
Actually out of the house? ummm...probably when I check the mail tomorrow afternoon lolz.

Went to church today...and no one said a peep to anyone else about it being my birthday (on Friday...October 1st) UNTIL we were about to sing 'happy birthday' to someone else who's birthday is today when my mom spoke up and pointed out that my birthday is on Friday! *blushes* So of course I had to undergo being sung 'happy birthday' to. lol
       Yes...for those of you who don't know, Friday IS my birthday...and I'm turning 16 for those of you who wonder ^_^

Well...summer is gone and fall is here...and its now my time to bid you all adieu!

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