Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Life

Busy. That's the one word that I seem to be using every time someone asks me how I am, how I've been, what's been going on.


college classes

Everything taking it's toll.

It kind of makes me worried. Okay, it really makes me worried.

The fact that I'm only taking three college classes and I'm ready to start pulling my hair out.
Yeah, because of where I live the program's not the best and things could be done more efficiently on their end so it's not all my fault.
But still.

I'm supposed to be catching up on math. Which I'm terrible at. And a few years behind in.



But I've had only three college classes and thus made no progress on math.


Really bad.



And it's kinda stressin' me out.

Okay, really stressing me out mostly.

It makes me feel a bit better to know that I do only have math and science to complete to be done with highschool. Everything else is already done.


Right now I'm feeling a bit long as I don't think about everything I have to stress about...or what I think I have to stress about.

But on to merrier things.

Fall is slowly starting to turn to winter in my Forgotten Corner.

I've had a few different jobs this month, the usual house sitting little things.

And then there was a big job of cleaning bathrooms every weekend for a few weekends.
That was a LOT of work. Seriously. And nasty. But it was a job that landed in my lap, paid well, and was pretty much a God-deal. No way I was turning that down!

And...I now have the job that I have always hoped to have!
Working concessions at the local movie theater. Which is kitty-corner across the street from my house. Great right?!


That's some of what's been going on! Mostly everything...

More later...perhaps...

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

At least you get to smell popcorn all day, yumo! may the Lord help you in your endeavors into the dark cold world of mathematics, m'dear! I am not too fond of math, nor am I extremely good at it, but I know that math is a definite needed subject and clearly not always the wanted one. You can do it school and all! Just remember that GOD has GOT THIS ALL! =)

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