Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm The Kind Of Person

Who thinks they post about something, but they never actually wrote it down.

Who thinks that thought stayed in their head, but it was actually said out loud.

Who thinks they mentioned something important, when they really just had the conversation in their head.

So it raises the question: am I insane????

While all these facts are true, I believe I have had the comfort of knowing that other people have done that too.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not insane. (*insert maniacal laugh here*)

That aside, what I really wanted to get to is the fact that things have happened that are so good and bloggable that I actually think up in my head just what I want to say.

And then for some reason actually think I posted something about them.

When, in reality, I most definitely have not.

If you think like I do (does that mean your insane too? hmnn...) then we may both know what this means...

Catch up time!

Firstly, yes. I passed drivers ed. In case anyone was wondering. With flying colors practically...
Okay, well no, not necessarily "flying colors" (I really should look up the meaning of that metaphor...) more like "mostly average with some exemplary traits".
Or somesuchedness as that.

Secondly, yes. I did just write "somesuchedness".

Thirdly, I have been SWAMPED with school work. In fact, its the land of headacheville.

Fourth (ly?), I HAVE A JOB...again...
In case your new (or just don't have a good memory / pay attention...*cough*like me*cough*) where I live, it's hard to get a job.
So, I have had a series of widely different and rather random jobs.
Cat sitter, weed puller, lawn mower, concessionaire, food prep, cleaner, construction...
Well, the list could go on but I'll refrain from the tediousness.
Since the salon I was working / cleaning for closed I no longer have that job.
But, all is not lost.
I was last - minute offered a job to clean the bathrooms at the fall excursion train rides.
I was eager for a job, albeit a tad apprehensive considering what the job entailed.
However, it pays well and when a job leaps out at you like that when nothing else is on your plate, you take it.

Last weekend was my first weekend working my new job, right after the weekend ended I ended up being offered another job!! And this one is one I have wanted for...well, quite a while. It's the job that I have always thought to myself, "I want that job".
Working concessions at the local movie theater!
So happy! I'll only be working a couple nights a weekend but hey, the movie theater is right across the street from my house and it pays. And I get to see the movies.
Definitely, no complaints!

Lastly, and on a  random note.
A few other places you can follow me,
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Instagram if you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Just search for The_Siriana. Or, if you don't, make sure to follow my rag-tag Tumblr where my Instagram shots automatically post.

 Hope you're all well!

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