Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camp ::The Recap:: Part 2

Camp is only 5 days long (those who wish to be extremely technical would say only 4 but whatever), and I wish it was longer! Though...I'm not quite sure if I'd be able to survive any more than the five days!

Basically the schedule at camp is like this:

8:30am Breakfast
9:15am Cabin Clean Up
10:00am Silver Lake Live / Morning Service / Small Group Time
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Activities
2:00pm Free Time
5:30pm Dinner
7:00pm Pre-Service Prayer
7:30pm Evening Service
10:30 Late Night Snack
12:00am Lights Out

It almost goes without saying, if you want a shower in the morning, you wake up at 6 and thus...well...sleep isn't something that you get a lot of! hahaha

Cabin clean up is something that we're required to do (we're teenagers, so its with good reason!). And during Silver Lake Live the camp deans, (one female leader, one male leader) inspect the cabins for cleanliness. Cleanest cabin gets prizes...dirtiest cabin - "pig cabin" - get some chore or something done to them typically. Last year the dirtiest guy cabin got a ton of water dumped on them.

Silver Lake Live is basically a game show every morning while waiting for the cabin inspection to be finished so they can announce the results. Every year there's usually a pretty good prize for the winners too.

Its a volunteer to play thing.

The first year I went to camp, the game was Don't Forget the Lyrics which was absolutely entertaining. The prize was a ton of iTunes and Visa gift cards.
Second year (2009 - the year I met my best friend, Lauren) the game was something of their own devising called Friends or Best Friends. Friends or Best Friends is one of those game shows where if you get a question wrong, something nasty is usually fed to you or dumped on you...eew. The prize was a laptop computer.
Third year (2010) the game was one most of you may be familiar with: Minute To Win It. And the prize was Visa gift cards.

Usually, its something different every year. But this year it was once again Friends or Best Friends. The prize? $200 in Visa gift cards.

Basically, its a game where you have to have a lacking gag reflex, and knowledge of weird facts about your friends. A couple friends of mine, Amanda and Sierra, who had just met decided they wanted to play. Lauren and I who had already come to camp for a few years, and seen this particular game once before, knew better than to volunteer.
 The first game (that Amanda and Sierra competed in) the object of the game was to complete the task in such a time. The task? To place a gold fish (a real goldfish. it may be live, it may be dead) in your mouth, run to the line, spit out the fish and throw it to your friend...who much catch it in their mouth.

I told you it was nasty!

Sierra and Amanda got the least amount of points and were pretty bummed about being disqualified...until the next few days / rounds of the game.

The next day, one friend would fill out a questionnaire and give it to the host of the "show", then the person who filled out the questions had to go and sit on a chair, in a kiddie pool. Then, the other friend would have to correctly answer the questions about their friend. Should they answer incorrectly, a leader on a lift above the friend in the pool, would mix and pour a nasty, slimy concoction of all kinds of nasty stuff and dump it on the person.

Oh yes, it still gets nastier. And yes, we all wonder how they get away with this! hahaha But its entertaining, AND they did volunteer!

Then, on the third day / round it was rather similar. But instead of having nastiness dumped on you, it was more like Will It Blend.
One friend fills out the questionnaire, and the other must answer correctly. Should they answer correctly something edible and nice tasting will be added to their personal concoction in the blender. Should they answer incorrectly something not-so-nice tasting will be added to their concoction.

I'm pretty sure you can imagine just what happens at the end...they have to drink their lovely blend.

Then for the last round of Friends Or Best Friends was basically an obstacle course with challenges (like "eating" a spoonful of cinnamon) that had to be completed in a specific amount of time...the team with the best time won.

{stay tuned for Camp ::The Recap:: Part 3!}

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