Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Land of Headaches

Thanks to some genetics along the way...I'm that poor sap who has allergy problems all the time. My mom has allergy problems certain parts of the year, and my dad has allergy problems other parts of the year...me? I'm the one who inherited both...my brother? He's the one who barely has allergy problems...

Because of my loathsome allergies, I have headaches. I have headaches A LOT.

Why you may ask?
Well my increased allergies mainly affect my sinuses and so its kind of like having a sinus infection without the actual infection part.
Basically my head feels like its going to explode a lot...

But a pity party I shall not make this be. haha

I discovered that not last week, but the week before that (and the week before that...) that it is best for me to not try to...er...comprehend things, or rather try to comprehend things when my head hurts...

You see, the past couple weeks I was extremely stressed because I thought I was behind in web design.
Web Design is the one class I have online through the local school district and its really important to keep up on it because its not as lenient as my homeschool work.
And so it was, that I completely and utterly read my schedule for web design wrong, and for two weeks in a row, was trying to shove four weeks worth of work into two weeks!

Yes *gasp* a rather relieving realization for me...though not particularly surprising, knowing myself ;-)

And so it was that last week was a rather relieving, relaxing week of sorts, as I only had a couple assignments to get in because I had done much more than was required the two weeks previously.

The lesson of my random tale? At least the lesson I learned...

Is to not try to make a schedule or list of really any kind while I have a headache...it will probably not end well...

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Maximillian said...

I hope you feel better soon, Siri. :)

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