Friday, February 18, 2011


Its just been one of those weeks.

Where you can't seem to focus on anything.

Where everything is a hardship.

Where no matter how hard you try to concentrate the creative juices aren't flowing.

One of those weeks where you can't seem to accomplish anything.

And I am SO thankful for the weekend.

I think the best day of my week was (surprisingly...) Monday was a lot of fun. Had our Valentines "Formal Night" at YoungLife. Since I didn't have a dress I made one last week and it turned out awesome.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures, but maybe I will sometime.

But, the night ended with me having one of the worst headaches ever.

And I guess my week kind of just went downhill from there as far as the land of headaches and me feeling just icky and well...stressed out I guess.

I did accomplish some really good stuff for Fine Arts this week though. Working on editing the book chapter I am going to submit and figuring out what I am going to submit for my poetry entry.

I think the upside was I got some (hopefully) good stuff to read in at the library on Wednesday that I went and picked up maybe I'll actually accomplish some reading for the first time in...well, needless to say its been a while due to my lack of fictional appetite.

So I leave you all with well wishes for the weekend and hopes for a better time next week!


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