Monday, January 24, 2011

That Time of Year Again!

Well, well, well...

I'm sure some of you probably noticed a bit of an absence of posting from me for a while...

Been rather busy with finishing the semester, finals and all that.

I'm pleased to say that I didn't completely fail my Spanish final and actually managed to pass and be done with that wretched course.
For clarification, love the Spanish language, and I really do enjoy learning it, the course however was terrible because it would ask us questions on things they didn't teach us, and leave out important things 'til very last and leave me thinking "I REALLY could have used that information earlier!!!".

So if anyone ever has the opportunity to take the Aventa Spanish course, I highly suggest declining.

I passed my Forensic Science exam with flying colors...but it is something I've always been rather good at, and I've found when I enjoy learning something, it tends to stick.

As for Web Design I am eagerly awaiting the grade from my teacher.
I had to design a five page website which including creating a business and logo and it took me a week and a half! Good thing I had a head start on it, because the outcome was really top-notch and I loved it! Which is saying something, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and really didn't think it would turn out...but I was happily surprised with the outcome *phew*.
Now to just see what my grade will be...

But on to other more exciting things!

This week is Missoula Childrens Theater!

Some (okay, most probably next to none) may be familiar with MCT.
For those who don't know, Missoula Childrens Theater sends out two directors in a little red truck packed with everything to put on a full scale play.
I'm talkin' the set, the costumes, the props, everything! All in this ity-bity red truck, seriously, its practically miraculous and you HAVE to see it to believe it.
Anyways, the directors travel to different places all over the country, and all over the world to schools and theaters (and even huts) to hold auditions on a Monday (after school), and cast an entire cast of children (K-12) and then commence in the following four days to teach that entire cast of 80-100 kids a full length 1-1 1/2 hour performance.
INSANE right?!
Well it is, and its fantastic.
Honestly, these directors are miracle workers and some of the coolest people ever!

One year, one of the ladies who was a director had just gotten back from Europe from working on acting (as in she was the one teaching) with actors like Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio.

No kidding peoplez. She was training them. I would like to point out this was 2003 and pre-Pirates of the Caribbean for those of you familiar with Orlando Bloom in POTC and LOTR).

Insanely awesome though huh?

And when I say these people work miracles, I mean they seriously do.
Not only do they travel around in this cramped little two door red truck with someone they may or may not know prior to being hired but they take a large amount of kids and teens and make them actors in five days. And did I mention these people can sing, dance, act, run lighting, do makeup and light costume repair and somehow still have the patience to deal with kids?
Oh yeah, that takes crazy, epic kind of talent.

This year, the play coming to my area is Pinocchio.
And for the first time ever, I'm actually hoping to not get the lead! haha
Some of you will probably wonder at that, but last year I was cast as the lead in Jack and the Beanstalk and well...I'm not to keen on playing a guy again.
I'm thinking maybe the fairy? That would be epic...not to mention definitely going to have an awesome costume!

So this afternoon, I will be off to audition and being an awesome, epic and exhausting (but totally worth it) week!


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