Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Bloggie World!

Well, since its been a few days I figure its probably time for another post.

School, school, school today of course.
Working on Spanish, Forensic Science, Web Design, Math, Reading, History, Theology...all that good stuff.

And looking forward to a trip to the library later...partly because I have a few books overdue (oops!) and need to take care of that so I can put some others on hold. Anyone read anything good lately?

I was busy busy busy all weekend, working hard at my job.

I've been enjoying my new 4th Gen. iPod Touch. Yes, I did say I would have a review and I will...later when I figure out how I want to write it or whether I should just do a video...suggestions? I guess what I will include is its (her?) name...Jacky yes...some of you are definitely wondering at that! Mary (Jacky) Faber is the main character in the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer. I'll have to include a post about that series soon!

Mood Rings

On a musical note (haha yes...bad pun, I know) has anyone else ever heard the song Mood Rings by Relient K? Its a hilarious and awesome (and true!)song that I had stuck in my head all day yesterday and so I thought I would share its epicness.

Hoping you're all having a good week at school, home and work...blessings to you all!

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