Sunday, May 04, 2014

forgetting how to write

All my previous college classes have been varying degrees of 'W'.
Meaning, "writing intensive".
They require grammar, thought, and to be honest a lot of just putting down the philosophical sounding stuff you know the teacher wants to hear.
Don't get me wrong, I learned things in Intro to Film, and English Lit...but really.

Now, I'm in the last quarter of this year before summer vacation, with Math, Bio, and Excel.
Not a lot of writing happening.
I feel rusty when it comes to putting pen to paper. I haven't been writing even in my journal much, let alone blogging.

There's the stress of having math and science again, sure. But I'm still not writing as much as I would like.

I guess there is something about a W class that puts a person in a place of words.

It seems every time I sit down to journal, to try typing out a blog post, I end up rambling, wishing I even had something to contribute, or just plain closing the book, the page, and returning to whatever else I was doing.

It's not so much that I'm burnt out on words, I wish for them. It's just that they seem rather distant.

WATCHING: house m.d. LISTENING: 'rivers in the wasteland' (album) by needtobreathe

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