Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today, or rather for the sake of technicality, yesterday, I had the privilege of going snowshoeing with one of my best friends.
With the opportunity for photography in front of me, she successfully lured me from the house and not only just out of the house, but outside.

I had an amazing time, and now at 1:30 am on Tuesday, much later than I had wanted to stay up - lacking enough sleep as it is already - I couldn't help posting but one picture.
Not only because I feel it rather sums up the adventure, but also is a good preview for the photos to come.

No edits, no corrections, straight from my camera, to Lightroom to be watermarked, to your screens.

Hope you're all having a splendiferous week, I myself am off now to get some sleep.


WATCHING: brooklyn nine-nine LISTENING: '+' (album) by ed sheeran READING:'girl in the arena' by lise haines

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