Sunday, January 05, 2014

small things

Today has been a busy day.
I attempted to wake up early. Six o'clock turned into seven. Which turned into eight. Which finally turned into 8:30 when I finally woke up and got out of bed.
My goal was to jump on my chores early, which I feel I did successfully.
Took some time to check my various feeds, enjoyed a breakfast/lunch and got back on some cleaning.

Today I took care of taking down the Christmas tree, packing away the ornaments.
And stealing the new purple lights to string up in my room behind my computer.
Which my mom wasn't happy about...she wanted them. Needless to say I barely avoided most of the smacks which came from the pair of socks she was holding. (Good natured smacks, but she really wants these purple lights.)

I reminisced over the ornaments, got intensely frustrated with the lights on the tree, as-per-usual.
Drew up some plans with my dad for a tree-alternative for next year. (Top secret stuff ;)
And once again returned my school desk to a clear and functioning state.

I start my college classes officially tomorrow.
Taking down the Christmas tree was part of my preparation, knowing I will be needing my desk.
I am planning to wake up early and shower so I can get down to our college branch to pick up, and pay for my books.

Last night I realized, and decided it's time for a new bible.
While my current bible is the only one to make it this long without falling apart from use, and is still in good condition, it's full of highlighting, notes, and the commentary. While these are all good, teaching, reminding things, it's time for a change for me.
I just know it, I'm not really sure how to put it better than that.
I want a fresh start with my bible. No commentary, no highlighting or notes, no extra bulk.
Just plain and simple. So that, in a way, I can start over. Find fresh insights, and study the way I'd like to; without past teachings, commentary, and highlighting distracting me.
I'm in the market for something simple. I want it sturdy, to last, but something in the slimline family so that I quit making the "it's so massively heavy" excuse about taking it with me places.

I finally got to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug on Friday night. It takes what seems like forever to get new releases at our movie theater, but it did indeed arrive and there was no way I could wait another day.
It almost goes without saying, thoroughly enjoyed it so incredibly much. Soundtrack, actors, photography, effects; what's there not to love.

And, of course, earlier this week a point of geeky excitement was the new season of Sherlock starting. It's been two years in the waiting, and I do believe the fans are very happy with the result. Fantastic opening episode, with a new one airing tonight. Only one more episode (they're about an hour and a half long) before the end of the season.
The first two seasons of course, can be found streaming on Netflix instant play!

Though school is starting, I have resolve to read more. To finish all the books I'm in the middle of reading and re-reading, to read the classics I haven't gotten to, and to read more than just fiction. Read to learn.

And, this is top secret now, I've been working on starting a YouTube channel.
It's coming.

here's to life

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READING: fellowship of the ring by j.r.r. tolkien LISTENING: the silence by bastille

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