Thursday, January 05, 2012

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist

  1. writing anyone else who is a writer ultimately understands that this needs no description, and why I include it a lot.

  2. relentless my word for 2012. a first for me. something I am striving relentless-ly for.

  3. microsoft office 2010 totally God's provision. I've been in need of a newer version of office. I've been struggling with 2003 and it was causing more problems than it was helping. it was a total God-thing I was able to get a HUGE student discount from Microsoft and get the professional version for a third the normal price.

  4. stargate: atlantis what can I say? loves me some scifi!

  5. sanctuary yes...two syfy shows in a row.

  6. learning my college classes started again today. daunting but exciting. my english lit class is going to be challenging, but in a good way I think.

  7. buachaill on eirne oh this song...  

  8. new year

  9. kindle I was able to check out two books last night, instantly. did I mention they're books from two of my favorites series'? oh yes. I was squealing with delight all over the place!

  10. blue sky peeking through the clouds in the winter. most definitely something that makes life sweet.

reading: reckoning by lili st. crow --- listening: how He loves by flyleaf

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