Friday, December 23, 2011

10 things that make my life all the sweeter because they exist

  1. Simon's Cat hilarious, utterly hilarious cartoon cat videos on YouTube. Short, sweet, and so, so funny.

  2. making jewelry I decided to fix / revamp something I made for myself a while back today and was surprised just how much I miss the creative - if tedious - art of making jewelry.

  3. family

  4. board games! okay, this one does tie in with family. we like to play games. board games, card games, tons of fun. we don't do it a lot thought, because otherwise it would get old. so we mainly sit down and play games (for hours) during birthday's, thanksgiving, Christmas and the like. we started really playing games day before yesterday, so much fun!

  5. warmth my room is kind of cold in the winter because the heat doesn't quite reach that far. so I'm kind of a blanket hoarder. I have a TON. warm is good!

  6. shoeswhile I like going barefoot, almost prefer to not wear shoes there are so many people everywhere who don't have shoes. the other day, I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass, ouch. and while for me, it was stupid for taking the garbage out not wearing shoes, for some it's something that can't be avoided because they have no shoes.

  7. sun shine what can I say, it's winter and where I live it means snow, cold and overcast. I don't mind it so much but there are days when the lack of sunlight seems unbearable and each ray is beautiful.

  8. random conversations you know the ones, that seem to move from one thing to the next and are inexplicably entertaining. where you can't remember what it started with or how you came to be on a certain subject. yeah.

  9. friends they make me realize that I'm either crazier than I had before thought, or more sane (just depends haha). but above all, they remind me that I'm not alone. (ERIC ;)

  10. imagination without it, life would be oh-so dull.

reading: the scorpio races by maggie stiefvater --- listening: playing god by paramore

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