Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jungle Cat

At the end of last month the garden was really starting to bloom and I decided to head out and take some pictures.

I was rather frustrated by the end of my photo - session, we only have a 7mp point-and-shoot camera and it tends to irk me when I can't take the pictures I want...oh how I long for a nice Nikon.

But despite my camera - woes here are the pictures I managed to take:

{ these flowers are a relative of the carnation - their actual name totally escapes me }

{ snow on the mountain }
 These are some of my favorite flowers ever, snow on the mountain. They're an absolutely gorgeous ground cover! They also happen to smell really good!

{ rock wall }
 I think I might've posted about this before, but last year a team of kids came up from a close-by Bible camp to do service projects and help in the community. Three wonderful girls helped my family build this rock wall so that we could level our yard. It turned out rather well I think.

{ snow on the mountain - on the rocks }

{ snow on the mountain }

{ snow on the mountain }

{snow on the mountain - on the rocks }

{ lupin }
 It was really hard for me to get a good picture of our purple lupin. The woes of a point and shoot camera; auto focus. bleck.

Most of our lupin actually didn't make it this spring, we've had a really bad aphid problem.
And I mean bad.
Some of the aphids were actually bigger than the ladybugs!

{ paws }
 Ah Paws. The jungle cat.
Well really she just thinks she's a jungle cat, our garden is her jungle.

{ that flower whose name I can't remember }

{ paws - that sneaky jungle cat }

{ paws }

{ watch out - she just might be hunting you }

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