Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Much, Much To Do!

Just a quick post to update everyone!

District Fine Arts Festival is next week for me...and so that means I'll be goin' on my journey!

SO much fun, I absolutely cannot wait!

God has provided so much for me to be able to attend and I'm looking forward to it!

I still need to finalize and perfect my t-shirt design entry as well as pick out a picture for my photography entry...oh yes, and finishing memorizing my spoken word presentation would probably be a good idea as well!

SO much to do and so little time!

Not to mention I have web design to catch up on (from the week I was dreadfully ill) so not only am I spending my spring break (this week) getting ready for Fine Arts and catching up on web design assignments but I'm also painting the church!

I agreed to help out with some odd jobs since the church is providing for my trip to FA and so I'm starting today (because I couldn't earlier from other work that was being done and the supplies not being ready).

So I'm all in a rush...and kind of stressing but I know I'll make it through somehow! ( least my friends have convinced me of that, you guys are know who you are ;)

Oh and I'm not painting the outside of the church...just the basement...If anyone was wondering.

And so it is that I must bid you all adieu for there is much, much to do!

Hoping you're all having a wonderful week, whether on vacation, at work or in school...

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