Thursday, September 23, 2010

See You At The Pole Youth Rally and Getting to Know Me Thursday

       Does anyone here participate in See You At The Pole?
       For those of you who don't know, See You At The Pole is where Christian teens gather at school, around the flag pole to pray...for their school, classmates...anything really.
       Though I'm homeschooled, and the local highschool has never had a SYATP, there was a Youth Rally tonight really to help kick off and encourage SYATP (which, from what I gather, was yesterday).

       It was SO awesome! Live band (who were really pretty good!) and an encouraging message and speaker. It was really great to get to go and be with other youth...many of whom I know from going to camp in July as I found out! It was pretty funny, all these random peoples I know from one of the speakers...and the drummer for the worship team...
       Not only that, but someone I know accepted Christ last night...that is really I think the most awesome happening of all last night ^_^.
       I think the second awesome was getting to hang out with one of my bestest friendsez!
The whole thing really reminded me of camp...and I LOVE camp! The camp I go to is SO awesome that there really just isn't words to describe it...and even though last night was pretty cool, camp is more than TEN times better!

       Unfortunately...though I had the camera...I didn't get any pictures...sorry! The time just seemed to fly by waaaaayyyy too fast it seems like I never really had the opportunity to get it out! That and I was too busy praisin' and worshipin' the KING OF KINGS! AMEN!

Get to Know Me Thursdays...

I would just like to say, that I did rather steal this idea from Emily of Grace Like Rain! I thought it was a wonderful idea and something that maybe I should do...especially considering I'm so new to the open blogging community! So yes...thanks to Emily for the idea...and the questions! :)

{1} Were you named after anyone?
Yes, actually! I was named (Siriana) after the first female Indian doctor in India. She saved hundreds of lives by implementing proper sanitation systems and basically getting rid of diseases! Of course, my name does originally have e's, j's, and h's in it...but my dad wanted me to be able to spell it in kindergarten, thus, Siriana (sear-e-ah-nuh). 

{2} Do you like your handwriting?
Surprisingly, yes! I think my handwriting is rather neat and tidy if I do say so myself...of course I must say, some credit does go to my second grade teacher for that...I had developed good handwriting (for a seven and eight year old) when I was in first grade but really started to let it slide and it got really bad...but she whipped me back into shape. lol *figuratively speaking of course*

{4} What's your favorite lunch meat?

{5}What's your favorite cereal? family doesn't really buy cereal too much...but, when we do Captain Crunch...I know, I know its SO unhealthy and really rather terrible I'm sure...but! My uncle started me on it years ago and I just haven't been able to kick it since!

{6} Do you untie you shoes when you take them off?
Nope. I wear skate style shoes...I buy 'em, tie 'em and then usually leave 'em for the rest of their wearable shoe lives...haha. Of course, occasionally when rock climbing, rappelling, hiking or something of the sort I will untie them to tie them appropriately tighter for whatever it is I'm doing.

{7} What's your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?
Too hard a question! I was raised with my mothers favorite ice cream being Breyers (one of the BEST ice cream brands ever) Mint Chocolate Chip...and I still LOVE it. Buuuutttt...I think I might just have to say Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! YUMMY!

{8} What's the least favorite thing about yourself?
I'm always so cynical and pessimistic :P

{9} What are you listening to right now? 
Ummm...actually, and rather amazingly I'm not listening to anything right at this moment! Which is really strange for me! lolz I'm usually listening to music constantly!

{10} Favorite smells?
haha ummm...leather, as in the real stuff...not like car leather but leather leather...*shrugs* of course I'm failing at this but ah well :)

       Well my bloggie friends and random readers...thats all I have up my sleeve for right now...I must head off and do some more school work! Rather excited to start my forensic science course today as well as continue in my Spanish and web design courses that I'm doing online...


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